We specialize in copper work, including:
  • Custom gutters
  • Roofs
  • Flashings
  • Roof systems
  • Facades and siding
  • Ornamental copper restoration
  • Standing seam panels

We choose to specialize in and promote the use of copper because we believe strongly in its performance. When properly installed, copper will outlast almost all other metals when exposed to weather because of its powerful resistance to corrosion. This quality can be particularly important in polluted or marine environments where saltwater and acid rain can attack metals aggressively, as well as areas that involve difficult or complex access such as towers, steeples and tall buildings.

Other benefits to building with copper:

  • Copper is a highly economical and sustainable resource because it's recyclable.
  • Where other metals are vulnerable, copper is strong as joints and seams may be joined efficiently by soldering, making them weather tight and strong for as long as the metal lasts.
  • Copper is malleable and easy to form, hammer or fold into intricate or complex shapes.
  • Copper building elements also require little to no maintenance as no paint or protective coat is necessary; in fact, they often outlast the surrounding materials and can be re-used.

Coppers natural warmth and beauty make it the favorite for architects and designers as well as craftsman. For more information about our copper work give us a call at (717) 688-0518