There are two main reasons why a slate roof may need repairs:

  • Slate tiles that have been broken or are showing damage such as cracks.
  • The slate roof’s flashing has deteriorated.

You may come across another reason for needing slate roof repair, however these two reasons are the most common when it comes to your slate roof needing repair.

If you’ve recently experienced severe weather, particularly if fallen limbs were involved, your slate roof may be at risk. Falling limbs–even small in size–can chip away at your slate shingles or cause them to break–allowing water to infiltrate into your home.

We can help you repair your slate roof no matter the cause of your leaking roof. Our slate roofing experts will carefully replace broken tiles on your roof and inspect your roof for additional areas of concern. We work hard to get the job completed on time and to the highest of quality, which is why are Pennsylvania's best Slate Roofing Companies!

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