At Joey Wildasin Slate Roofing, we deal with storm damage claims frequently and we work with most insurance carriers. In fact, insurance companies use Joey Wildasin for ladder assit.
There are several ways for your slate roof to become damaged in a storm
  • From the weight of ice and snow
  • Ice damming at the bottom of the roof
  • Hail causes small ping holes through-out the main roof
  • High winds will cause slates to want to flip up at the top of the roof at the sides of the roof.
  • Snow that melts and then freezes at the chimneys, can cause brick joints and the pargement at the tops of the chimney to crack
After a heavy snow or when snow builds up at the bottom of a slate roof, damage will happen at the first four slate courses, and most of the time bend your half round gutter which is usually copper. Weight of ice and snow can cause damage all over a slate roof, where dormer valleys are and main valleys. If you have a flatter area, especially porches the slates can crush under the weight of the snow.
Wind damage will involve chimney flashing and side wall flashing and slate and if there was a recent hail storm, any hail damage will be hard to see from the ground. The general rule of thumb is... if a slate roof has over 20 percent damage, we will try to work with your insurance company for a full replacement. It is wise to chose a roofing company that specializes in slate like we do and that also knows how to write a storm damage claim.
Joey Wildasin Slate Roofing will inspect to see if there is any damage to your roof if there is slate damage we will handle everything from start to finish. We will present you with an itemized claim for all damage, itemized list of materials and also provide pictures.  Call your insurance company and tell them you roofer will have a estimate for damage. Most clients will take our information to their insurance agent and your insurance adjuster will typically come out within a week. When they do show up, it is wise for us to be present so we can maximize full compensation for your roof. After that, the insurance will cut a check, and hold a depreciation check until job is finished.
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